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Facing a melanoma diagnosis can be overwhelming and isolating, but you don't have to go through it alone. At Melanoma Patients Australia we're here to provide support at every step, and now offer a free one-on-one telephone-based peer support program connecting those living with or caring for someone with Melanoma with a trained Peer Support Volunteer who has been through similar experiences.

Our trained peer support volunteers offer a unique perspective, providing emotional support and insight from their own journeys. They do not give medical advice or diagnoses but complement existing support networks of family, friends, and healthcare professionals, rather than replacing it.

Peer Support Volunteers offer one-on-one support relating to:

  • Coping with a new melanoma diagnosis
  • General emotional support
  • Understanding more about treatment
  • Regular support throughout treatment for melanoma
  • Receiving support from someone with a similar circumstance (e.g., rare melanoma or young adult diagnosed with melanoma)

The service is fully confidential, providing a safe space for you to share experiences and concerns. The telephone service is accessed from the comfort of your own home, at times and frequencies that suit both parties. This may include a single conversation or ongoing chats.

To express your interest in being connected with a trained peer support volunteer who shares a similar experience, please fill out the form below or contact 1300 884 450 to find out more.


“Having access to a peer to peer support person in my melanoma journey has granted me an extremely personalised support. I can discuss all aspects of my health explicitly and I gain assurance with the peer to peer’s response… they are able to state what I’ve been processing and experiencing. They give a “future path” which is appreciated and needed in our lives and the ability to make contact for a conversation at the times needed.”Anita, receiving peer support

“Being a trained MPA volunteer peer supporter, is about embodying empathy, offering non-judgmental support, sharing experiences, promoting mental health and empowering individuals. It’s a meaningful and impactful role that can make a difference in the lives of those who seek help and support ensuring no one with a melanoma diagnosis is alone”Lee-Anne, Trained Volunteer Peer Supporter

Please complete the patient/client referral form to help us to find a good fit for your peer support volunteer. Once submitted the national support manager will contact you to discuss options.

Watch the official launch of this program by clicking below:

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