Melanoma Community Webinar Series

Join us for an engaging series of live webinars for patients with melanoma and their carers. Hosted by Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA) and Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA), each week our free webinar will provide you with a rare opportunity to hear from an MIA medical expert and an MPA community member as they focus on a different topic of interest each week. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A panel discussion.

Every Thursday evening for three weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn about key areas of interest. Please click on the registration link below for each webinar that you’d like to attend.

Note that the webinars are held from 7pm to 8pm AEDT.

November – Brain metastases: Surgical treatment update and living well after brain metastases.

Presenters: Neurosurgeon A/Prof Brindha Shivalingam and MPA community member, Debbie Butler

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24th of November – Immunotherapy and targeted therapies: Systemic treatment update and living well after immunotherapy.

Presenters: Medical Oncologist Dr Piyush Grover and MPA community member Karen van Gorp; Medical Oncologist Prof Georgina Long AO will also join the panel discussion

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1st of December – Detecting melanoma: New approaches and living well beyond a melanoma diagnosis.

Presenters: Dermatologist Prof Pascale Guitera and MPA community member Aaron Kelly

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