National Melanoma Awards

A line of people stand clapping

Each year Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA) continues to successfully advocate for melanoma patients; raise awareness of the disease; and provide information and support for those affected by melanoma across Australia.

Fortunately we are not alone. Countless other people and organisations undertake amazing initiatives which also move society towards realising our vision of reducing the impact of melanoma on all Australians.

MPA established the National Melanoma Awards in 2015 as a way of recognising those people and organisations who make the greatest contributions to this end.  The NMAs are presented according to four categories:

  • Outstanding Medical Professional of the Year
  • Patient Advocate of the Year
  • Excellence as a Not-For-Profit
  • Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

Nominations are now being sought for the 2017 Awards.  To cast your vote please complete the online form by 18th August 2017.  Awards will be announced at the 9th World Congress of Melanoma, held in Brisbane during October.