August 10th 2023
MPA/MIA Community Webinar Series
Webinar Three: Spotlight on fear of recurrence
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August 3rd 2023
MPA/MIA Community Webinar Series
Webinar Two: Spotlight on mucosal melanoma
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July 27th 2023
MPA/MIA Community Webinar Series
Webinar One: Spotlight on clinical trials
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March 21st 2023
Patient Webinar – Work, Career and Cancer
Patient Webinar: Work, Career and Cancer with Career Counsellor and Career Development Practitioner, Lois Keay-Smith.
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March 20th 2023
Patient Webinar – Exercise and Cancer
Patient Webinar: Leah McIntyre, Senior Physiotherapist talking about the benefits of exercise in improving health outcomes during and after cancer treatment.
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March 17th 2023
Brisbane AMC Consumer Information Session – FREE
Melanoma patients are invited to attend this free consumer session with keynotes speakers, a Q&A panel and networking with afternoon tea at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.
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December 2nd 2022
Detecting Melanoma Webinar- Watch Now
Detecting melanoma: New approaches and living well beyond a melanoma diagnosis Webinar
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November 28th 2022
Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies Webinar- Watch Now
Immunotherapy and targeted therapies: Systemic treatment update and living well after immunotherapy Webinar
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November 21st 2022
Brain Metastases Webinar – Watch Now
Brain metastases: Surgical treatment update and living well after brain metastases webinar
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October 12th 2022
Melanoma Community Webinar Series
Join us for an engaging series of live webinars for patients with melanoma and their carers.
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May 31st 2022
Self Skin Checks, No Regrets
MPA are proud to launch this Australian first campaign in partnership with MASC Trials.
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May 5th 2022
World Melanoma Month – Check Your Skin
This world melanoma month we are supporting the global campaign to check your skin and look after the "Future You"
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