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Corporate Partnership

Twelve years ago, two much-needed organisations were founded by people who wanted to create a better experience for those diagnosed...

Anxiety is Anxiety, Period

Most people assume that getting an early melanoma diagnosis is ‘good news’, you’ve caught it early and now it’s out....

Canberra Melanoma Forum

Join us for supper and hear the latest melanoma information from medical experts including Dr Geoffrey Peters.

Workers’ Compensation

If you were sufficiently exposed to UV radiation in your work activities it's vital you understand your entitlements under workers'...

Care for the Carer

This piece explores the vital role of a carer plus tips for taking a well deserved break.

Volunteer Opportunities

Read here about upcoming Gold Coast volunteering opportunities for May 2018

Fear of Recurrence

Dealing with the ‘black cloud’: learn how to reduce your fear of cancer recurrence.

2017 AGM

MPA's next Annual General Meeting will occur on Tuesday 21st November at 5:00pm.

The Changing Face of MPA’s Support

MPA is embracing the fact that technology has revolutionised the way we connect.

Brisbane Melanoma Forum

Join us for lunch and hear the latest melanoma information from medical experts including Prof. Smithers and Assoc. Prof. Atkinson.


Scanxiety is a very common feeling for people whose lives have been changed by a melanoma diagnosis; sometimes, the anxiety...

MPA Welcomes Victoria Beedle

The MPA Board are pleased to announce new CEO, Victoria Beedle, will commence on 1st August 2017.

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