Victoria Beedle and a man in suit smiling for the camera
November 8th 2019
MPA & MIA Collaboration
In a boost for melanoma patients across the country, Melanoma Patients Australia and Melanoma Institute Australia have announced a new multi-year agreement to provide enhanced support services for patients nationally.
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A clinician conducting a skin check of a patient with a tool
August 26th 2019
Melanoma Early Detection and Prevention
Most skin cancers, including melanoma, are caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to UV radiation in sunlight. In recent years it has become clear that the DNA damage that causes skin cancer and melanoma accumulates with repeated small doses of sunlight.
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A woman applying sunscreen to a young girls nose at the beach with the sun shining.
January 30th 2019
New Approach to Sunscreen Use
Melanoma Patients Australia is proud to be part of a group of peak bodies responsible for sun safety advice in Australia and New Zealand that have worked together to adopt a new policy on sunscreen use, recommending that people apply it daily as part of a regular morning routine.
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Mater Smiling for Smiddy - logo
October 16th 2018
Corporate Partnership
Twelve years ago, two much-needed organisations were founded by people who wanted to create a better experience for those diagnosed with melanoma. We thank the Smiling for Smiddy team for partnering with MPA in our shared vision to improve outcomes for people affected by melanoma.
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Close up of a someone holding their an anxious way
October 16th 2018
Anxiety is Anxiety, Period
Most people assume that getting an early melanoma diagnosis is ‘good news’, you’ve caught it early and now it’s out. Just get on with life. But the reality is that anxiety doesn’t discriminate.
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A woman presenting to a room of people
May 1st 2018
Canberra Melanoma Forum
Join us for supper and hear the latest melanoma information from medical experts including Dr Geoffrey Peters.
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A person filling in a 'work injury claim form'
March 28th 2018
Workers’ Compensation
If you were sufficiently exposed to UV radiation in your work activities it's vital you understand your entitlements under workers' compensation legislation.
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Two people holding hands in an affectionate manner
January 23rd 2018
Care for the Carer
This piece explores the vital role of a carer plus tips for taking a well deserved break.
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A man and two boys play with a soccer ball in a park with the sun shining in the background
January 18th 2018
Volunteer Opportunities
Read here about upcoming Gold Coast volunteering opportunities for May 2018
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A woman sitting on the sofa hugging a pillow looking nervous
November 7th 2017
Fear of Recurrence
Dealing with the ‘black cloud’: learn how to reduce your fear of cancer recurrence.
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A group of people smiling in a boardroom setting
October 30th 2017
2017 AGM
MPA's next Annual General Meeting will occur on Tuesday 21st November at 5:00pm.
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Portrait of a man wearing glasses and headphones in a library
October 12th 2017
The Changing Face of MPA’s Support
MPA is embracing the fact that technology has revolutionised the way we connect.
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