A woman stands smiling. She is wearing a microphone and looks to be presenting to a room.
September 21st 2017
Brisbane Melanoma Forum
Join us for lunch and hear the latest melanoma information from medical experts including Prof. Smithers and Assoc. Prof. Atkinson.
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Close up of a someone holding their an anxious way
September 6th 2017
Scanxiety is a very common feeling for people whose lives have been changed by a melanoma diagnosis; sometimes, the anxiety is so overwhelming that it impacts on your daily living.
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Victoria Beedle
July 21st 2017
MPA Welcomes Victoria Beedle
The MPA Board are pleased to announce new CEO, Victoria Beedle, will commence on 1st August 2017.
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Group of people in exercise clothes running for the Bridge to Brisbane event
July 20th 2017
Bridge To Brisbane: 27 August 2017
Want to raise money and awareness for MPA? Here’s some tips on how to fundraise at this year’s Bridge To Brisbane.
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A group of people running along concrete with the sun shining
July 12th 2017
Sydney City2Surf: 13 August 2017
Want to raise money and awareness for MPA? Here’s some tips on how to fundraise at this year’s City2Surf.
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A woman holding a pen up to glass writing about estate planning
July 4th 2017
Estate Planning
Would you believe only 41% of Australians have a will? Read on to discover five reasons why you should invest in your estate planning today.
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A line of people stand clapping
June 21st 2017
National Melanoma Awards
Cast your vote for the people and organisations who make the greatest contributions in reducing the impact of melanoma on all Australians.
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Various stationery
June 15th 2017
Tax Deductible Donations
So what does a tax deductible donation mean exactly and how does it affect your taxes?  We asked a special friend of MPA’s – Kerry Grace, who just happens to be an accountant - for her insights!
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A woman lies in a hospital bed
June 1st 2017
You can help patients like Hayley realise they are not alone
Read more about Hayley's story and make a donation before the end of the financial year.
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MPA logo
April 21st 2017
MPA Survey – Your Chance to Have Your Say!
Last year we asked you to complete an online survey, the results of which helped shape our strategy for 2016.
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An eraser is used to erase a depiction of cancerous cells
April 13th 2017
PBS Update
As more treatments become available for melanoma equitable access to these treatments is paramount. All Australians deserve the very best healthcare and access
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A young child holds an adults hand as they walk through the park
April 12th 2017
How to Talk to Younger Children about a Melanoma Diagnosis
As parents our natural instinct is to protect our children from any pain or suffering and this is what we strive to do to the best of our ability.
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