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Melanoma Patients Australia provides support across Australia to those with melanoma, their families, friends and carers, all at no charge.


Emma was diagnosed in 2020 with stage 2 melanoma after getting a mole on her arm checked that has been there for 15 years. This is her story.
Emma's story


If possible use family members to help with appointments, cooking and some housework. If they can stay at your house, use that time to do the things that fill your cup and recharge your energy. Socialising is very important.
Scott's story


I had been asking for someone to take notice of the mole on my arm for a few years. But as it wasn’t black I kept getting told that it was nothing to worry about. But I knew something wasn’t right and didn’t give up.
Karen's story
MPA Patient Story - Joanne


My sister was supportive from day one, as was one of my brothers. My other two brothers hardly reacted at all – as if it was just not happening, or happening to a complete stranger.
Joanne's story


Jo cared for her mum, Ann, who passed away from melanoma in December 2020. Her mum had melanoma which had spread to her lung and her brain. As an only child, they shared a particularly strong bond.
Jo's story
MPA Patient Story - Jenny


The first melanoma diagnosis was a shock as I felt young and invincible. My skin doctor booked me in with a plastic surgeon for the following day, and I had a wide local excision with a skin graft.
Jenny's story

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