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Melanoma Patients Australia provides support across Australia to those with melanoma, their families, friends and carers, all at no charge.


Jen’s baby was 10 days old when her doctor rang to tell her that she had stage 3 melanoma. Nine months later she noticed some lumps in her groin and found out she had stage 4 melanoma.
Jen's story


In August 2021 I noticed something that looked like a blister or a pimple on top of my foot. A GP advised it was nothing to worry about. However, I went back a month later to cut it off and a week after that he informed me that it was Melanoma stage 1, 0.8mm thick.
Aneta's story
MPA Patient Story - Mark


My treatment was pretty good really. (If you think a long scar on your neck that makes you look like an extra in a pirate movie is a good thing!) Seriously though, that was to clear the margins and it has healed pretty well.
Mark's story
MPA Patient Story - Josephine


I have overcome some seemingly insurmountable odds and hurdles both physically and psychologically and achieved the outcome that every patient hopes to hear but sadly not everyone does...For me, it came at a time when I didn’t even think that may be possible.
Josephine's story
MPA Patient Story - Hannah


I am 23 years old and a nurse and a midwife. I really struggled with constantly being reminded how young I am. I still remember going to my first oncologist appointment and having the receptionist say “Oh! You’re too young to be here!”
Hannah's story


When I found out about my husbands' diagnosis, I felt deeply shocked and completely devastated. My focus was on our 2-year-old twin boys and my husband. My instinct was to immediately find James the best care and educate myself so I could make informed decisions.
Nicola's story

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