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MPA Patient Story - Ray Frost, a woman and child sitting at a table together smiling at the camera

Ray Frost

In 2012 I had a melanoma removed from my right cheek.  I was assured that it had been removed successfully.  In 2017 I experienced pains in my side and had weight loss and bed sweats. 
Ray's story
MPA Patient Story - Brooke Esber and family smiling at the camera

Brooke Esber

I was 31 when one day I noticed a mole on my stomach which had a new black dot on it. My mum was visiting so I showed her and she had this look on her face like she knew it wasn’t good.
Brooke's story
MPA Patient Story - Ron Neyenhuis and woman people smiling at camera

Ron Neyenhuis

A skin check by a dermatologist in August 2014 confirmed a suspicious mole on my back left flank that had changed and ulcerated (bled) to be positive to a Stage 2c melanoma.
Ron's story
MPA Patient Story - Marisa Worling with her husband, two sons and dog standing with arms around each other

Marisa Worling

After a number of Dr visits, pushing for an MRI which led to a PET scan and then being sent to the emergency department, tumours were found in my skull and my left tibia.  My primary was never found.
Marisa's story
MPA Patient Story - Leonie Rogers portrait

Leonie Rogers

I knew about the first two, but I had no idea I had anything at all on the back of my left thigh. I was quite surprised, but took a photo. When I checked it a couple of months later, I noticed that it had changed a little bit.
Leonie's story
MPA Patient Story - Bronwyn Abbot smiling at the camera

Bronwyn Abbott

I woke on the morning of February 17th this year with the right side of my face drooping and slurred speech.
Bronwyn's story

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