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Melanoma Patients Australia provides support across Australia to those with melanoma, their families, friends and carers, all at no charge.

MPA Patient Story - Kristen Pickford wearing cowboy hat smiling at the camera

Kristen Pickford

I had my first surgery when I was 32 weeks pregnant. This was one of the hardest surgeries I went through because I was so worried about my unborn baby.
Kristen's story
MPA Patient Story - Trish McDonald wearing graduation gown

Trish McDonald

Although upset and terrified of the sun I just got on with life, however the diagnosis was always in the back of my mind.
Trish's story
MPA Patient Story - Andy King and family group standing with arms around each other

Andy King

I accepted melanoma quickly and didn't allow it to dominate my life. This diagnosis has actually helped me live lighter and not take on stresses and anxieties as readily.
Andy's story
MPA Patient Story - Don Watson and a woman sitting at table together

Don Watson

A challenging issue for my family and friends is that although I'm on treatment I look fit and well. But they don't see me on my bad days.
Don's story
MPA Patient Story - Annabelle Solomon and another person smiling at the camera

Annabelle Solomon

I have been living the life of a melanoma survivor since I was 25, when my first melanoma was removed.
Annabelle's story
MPA Patient Story - Susan Vine smiling with water in the background

Susan Vine

My operation was on a Wednesday, I went in with two eyes and came out a few hours later minus a large tumour.
Susan's story

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