ABCDE Guidelines

It is important that you regularly undertake self skin checks. Partners or friends can help in the hard to see places.

The most important things to look for are any changes, including existing and new lesions that appear on your skin. The ABCDE guidelines can be used to check your skin.

Self-Skin Checks, No Regrets

Dr Scott Temple (Regional GP) discussing skin cancer and the importance of self skin checks in rural and regional Australia.

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Self Skin Check Video

A guide to your monthly self skin check.

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Sunsmart App

You can find the weather, temperature, UV level and sun protection times for the day anywhere in Australia.

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A/Prof Victoria Mar - Dermatologist

Listen to A/Prof Victoria Mar discussing skin checks, primary melanoma diagnosis, wound and scar management.

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A/Prof David Gyorki - Surgical oncologist

Listen to A/Prof David Gyorki discussing surgery for primary melanoma diagnosis, local treatment and lymph node surgery, and surgery for advanced melanoma.

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