Support Services

Melanoma Patients Australia provides critical support services, free of charge to melanoma patients, survivors and their families and caregivers across Australia.

We offer a range of services including emotional support and information, support groups and peer-to-peer connections as well as our melanoma telehealth nurse service.

“It’s been challenging to get information about what to expect from my treatments and I’ve gained and learnt so much from everyone in the group” – anonymous, closed Facebook group member.

Information & Support Centre

Getting the information and support that you need after a diagnosis of melanoma can be hard. Melanoma Patients Australia is here to help you with our range of easily accessible information and support services, reach out to us today.
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Melanoma Nurse Telehealth Service

The specialist melanoma nurse service supports patients in navigating the health system, accessing available services, and making decisions regarding their health. This personalised support service is available to all melanoma patients and their carers.
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Support Groups

Melanoma Patients Australia delivers a range of support groups, including digital, Facebook and telephone support groups.
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One-on-One Peer Support

Connecting patients with others that have shared a similar lived experience. Having someone to talk to is invaluable.
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