Melanoma Nurse Telehealth Service

Our free and confidential personalised telehealth nurse support service is available to all melanoma patients and their carers/family members at any stage of the melanoma journey, no matter where they are located in Australia. There are options available for either telephone based or virtual zoom consultations, and the service is free of charge.

The Melanoma Patients Australia telehealth nurse service provides an opportunity to:

  • Connect patients to Melanoma Patients Australia’s wide range of support services and other services as required.
  • Encourage patients to proactively manage their melanoma including practical tips to manage symptoms and side effects.
  • Provide information on how to talk to family and friends about diagnosis.
  • Help patients consider the right questions to ask their oncologist, surgeon and wider health team.
  • Deliver evidence-based information and resources.

Our experienced melanoma telehealth nurse with extensive oncology experience is available to discuss:

  • Survivorship support and advice
  • Decision making support
  • Support with interpreting pathology and results
  • Practical Tips
  • Emotional Support
  • Carer support
  • Educate patients, families and carers about their cancer journey
  • Assess potential side effects and provide relevant management guidance
  • Bereavement support
  • Support around seeking a second opinion
  • Clinical trial information
  • Health service information + navigation
  • Work and career information
  • Wellbeing support and advice
  • Helping understand treatment options
  • Help navigate potential financial support available ie travel subsidies

To book an appointment with the melanoma telehealth nurse please fill out the referral form below or call our national support line on 1300 884 450.  Referrals into the service may be submitted as a self-referral or on behalf of the patient by a carer/family member or health professional with consent.

We're Proudly Supported by Melanoma Institute Australia

Melanoma Patients Australia is proud to announce our telehealth melanoma nurse program has been generously funded by Melanoma Institute Australia.

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“My treatment was pretty good really. (If you think a long scar on your neck that makes you look like an extra in a pirate movie is a good thing!) Seriously though, that was to clear the margins and it has healed pretty well.”
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