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Melanoma Patients Australia provides support across Australia to those with melanoma, their families, friends and carers, all at no charge.

We offer a range of services for you to access including emotional support and information, support groups and peer to peer connections – the choice is yours as it is important that you do what you are most comfortable with and what is easily accessible.

 “It’s been challenging to get information about what to expect from my treatments and I’ve gained and learnt so much from everyone in the group” – anonymous, closed Facebook group member.


National Melanoma Support Line

The initial shock of a melanoma diagnosis or recurrence can be overwhelming. You may wish to speak freely with a person who understands your situation and is experienced in providing compassionate emotional support. You may feel confused, frightened or anxious. It is often far easier to express your rawest emotions honestly to someone who cares but who is not a close family member or friend. Talking about life and death, grief and loss concerns can be confronting, so having someone you can be open with may bring some peace.

As well as emotional support, specific melanoma information and referral to local services including MPA Support Groups will be offered as required. Informal linkage to others experiencing similar situations can also be arranged. The service is provided via telephone or email.

Contact and support can continue for as long as support is required. You will feel safe, supported and reassured as you face an extremely difficult life crisis.

To access this service you can call 1300 88 44 50 or click here for information or support.


Face to Face Groups

Currently our Face to Face Support groups are now being held online via a virtual meeting. All patients and carers are welcome to join! Please click on this link to register your interest in joining one of the online Virtual Support Groups listed below. Our team will respond to your request.

MPA groups meet on a regular basis and are unstructured, relaxed get-togethers open to those with melanoma and their family members and friends. These groups offer a safe and understanding environment and provide first hand insights, information and comfort to those attending. All are facilitated by MPA’s trained volunteer Peer Supporters, all of whom have also been touched by melanoma in some way. They do really ‘get’ what you’re going through as they’ve been there themselves.

MPA also has Peer Supporters who provide support by phone, face to face or email to those in their local area. Currently we have volunteers in Tasmania and Mackay as well as an Ocular Melanoma Peer Supporter.

Check out the map below to find out if there is a group or supporter near you. If you plan on attending a Support Group for the first time please contact us on 1300 88 44 50 so current details can be confirmed.

“Initially I wasn’t keen on attending a Support Group as I thought that was for people who couldn’t cope. I did go, with my friend, and have never looked back. Everyone was not only kind, they really got where I was coming from” – Rachael, Support Group Member

It looks like there are no MPA groups that meet in your selected location. We offer telephone and peer to peer support Australia wide, please call 1300 884 450 for more information.


Closed Facebook Support Group

Unfortunately, due to Australia’s vastness, we are unable to provide a face to face support groups in every area. However MPA has a Facebook support group that will provide you with that safe, private and supportive space without you having to leave your home and is available 24/7. The barriers of distance, time, health and age can be overcome. This is a peer to peer support group, moderated by MPA staff on a regular basis.

Go to the Facebook Page: Melanoma Patients Australia Closed Support Group and ask to join. All those impacted by melanoma are welcome.


Telephone Support Groups

In collaboration with Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW) MPA provides Telephone Support Group (TSG) sessions for those with Metastatic Melanoma. The group meets twice a month for an hour each session. This TSG is open to anyone in Australia with metastatic melanoma. Each group session is restricted to a maximum of eight people. The aim of the TSG is to provide mutual peer to peer support from the comfort of your own home, the only thing necessary is a phone. The groups are facilitated by two health professionals, one from MPA and one from CCNSW. This service provides another option to overcome the tyrannies of distance, health and mobility whilst still providing a safe place to share feelings, experiences and gather ideas.

Registration is essential, please contact the MPA Support Line on 1300 88 44 50 for more information.


Peer to Peer Linkages

We realise how reassuring it is to be able to talk to someone who truly understands what you are going through– who’s been through ti themselves. MPA can link you to someone who has had a similar experience to yours so you can exchange ideas and share your story. It may be possible to link you with someone of a similar age or who lives in the same area.

“I so wanted to speak to someone my own age with melanoma. It was great as we had so much in common and we now keep in touch.”

Please contact the MPA Support Line on 1300 88 44 50 to be connected.


Information Forums

As the treatment landscape for metastatic melanoma is constantly changing and often expert knowledge is difficult to access, MPA provides public information forums at different locations around Australia each year. There are always a variety of topics covered so the events are always well attended. The forums provide the opportunity to make connections as well as being educated about what’s current in the melanoma world.

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