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National Melanoma Support Line:
1300 884 450
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National Melanoma Support Line:
1300 884 450
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Your wellbeing is essential. This Wellness Hub gives you free information, guidance, support and assistance in one location. It is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more and find support if you have been affected by melanoma. Click into the sections below for more information. At the very end of the page, you will find amazing videos to watch from our Wellness Webinar Series 2021.

Health Check Ups & Monitoring

After a melanoma diagnosis or treatment, regular health checks and monitoring are vital. By knowing the importance of full skin examinations and understanding what to look for in frequent self-checks, patients are better equipped to minimise their risk factors.
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Strategies To Build Resilience

Recovering from melanoma can be challenging for some. Building resilience can form the foundation of recovery through increasing a sense of connection, growing confidence and establishing a sense of control
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Eating Well

Maintaining a well-balanced diet and ensuring your body’s nutritional needs are met is essential during treatment, recovery and beyond. This module shares tips and suggestions that can help bolster your overall wellbeing.
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Moving our body and taking regular exercise benefits our overall health and wellbeing, especially for melanoma patients. Exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of some cancers and is often prescribed to help counteract the side effects of treatment.
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Mindfulness & Relaxation

Anxiety is very common when you have been diagnosed with melanoma. Mindfulness can help us develop our ability to deal with difficult emotions by strengthening our capacity to observe things as they are and to be fully present in our lives. Relaxation is a skill that can be learned to help manage stress and anxiety.
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Financial Wellbeing

While your melanoma journey is centred mostly around medical and emotional factors, your financial wellbeing is an important consideration. The ability to meet our financial commitments removes the worry throughout the treatment and healing process.
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Wellness Resources

Download our fact sheets with tips and tricks on how to keep well if you or a loved one has been affected by melanoma.
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A Guide to Understanding Melanoma

This guide provides a starting point for people in their journey with melanoma. It offers introductory information to melanoma patients as well as their carers, family and friends.
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Wellness Webinar Series

Wellness webinar series - Strategies for Building Resilience, Tuesday 10 August 2021. Sponsored by MSD
Strategies for Building Resilience

Wellness Webinar Series 2021 – Event 1 of 4. A discussion on building strategies for Resilience and Wellness.

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Wellness webinar series - Financial Wellness, Tuesday 7 September 2021. Sponsored by MSD
Financial Wellness

Wellness Webinar Series 2021 – Event 2 of 4. A discussion on Financial Wellness with a cancer diagnosis.

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MPA Present: Wellness Webinar Series - Eating well and exercise. Tuesday 12 October 2021. Sponsored by: MSD.
Eating Well and Exercise

Wellness Webinar Series 2021 – Event 3 of 4. A discussion on nutrition and exercise with cancer.

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MPA Present: Wellness Webinar Series - Melanoma Health Checks & Monitoring. Tuesday 9 November 2021. Sponsored by: MSD.
Melanoma Health Checks and Monitoring

Wellness Webinar Series 2021 – Event 4. A discussion on Melanoma Health Checks and Monitoring.

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