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Patient Stories

Ron Neyenhuis

A skin check by a dermatologist in August 2014 confirmed a suspicious mole on my back left flank that had changed and ulcerated (bled) to be positive to a Stage 2c melanoma.
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Leonie Rogers

I knew about the first two, but I had no idea I had anything at all on the back of my left thigh. I was quite surprised, but took a photo. When I checked it a couple of months later, I noticed that it had changed a little bit.
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Marisa Worling

After a number of Dr visits, pushing for an MRI which led to a PET scan and then being sent to the emergency department, tumours were found in my skull and my left tibia. ย My primary was never found.
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Anne Gately

I had my first infusion on 11 Sep and the second one on 2 Oct. On the 19th Nov I received the results from the first scans taken following the infusions. Miraculously there was no active cancer.
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Bronwyn Abbott

I woke on the morning of February 17th this year with the right side of my face drooping and slurred speech.
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Jim Cormack

I first noticed a pimple on my left cheek which I cut shaving back in June 2013.
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Louise Sherwood

The tumour was successfully removed and it was only then it was confirmed it was a secondary melanoma โ€“ primary unknown!
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Peter Gourlay

In 2017, as I was reading in bed, I discovered a suspicious lump under my right arm.
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Josh Galpin

ย In July 2019, I was diagnosed with Stage IV BRAF+ Metastatic Melanoma after being admitted into hospital with severe anaemia.
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Deb Butler

In August 2019 I visited my doctor for persistent back pain.ย  A CT scan identified a lesion in one of my ribs and suspicious spots in both lungs.
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Andy King

I accepted melanoma quickly and didn't allow it to dominate my life. This diagnosis has actually helped me live lighter and not take on stresses and anxieties as readily.
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Annabelle Solomon

I have been living the life of a melanoma survivor since I was 25, when my first melanoma was removed.
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