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Patient Stories

Karine Tobin

I was 34 weeks pregnant when the surgeon told me the results. It was melanoma. When he told me I had cancer, my entire world felt apart. I was pregnant and had a 17 month old son, I was terrified I wouldn’t see my children grow.
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Chris Murphy

I underwent full body CT scan while in hospital to be told by the registrar that rest of the body was clear of tumours. Yippee. Two days later I was told that this diagnosis was wrong and there were tumours in my lungs and suspicious spots on top of the adrenal glands and in the lymph nodes on the left side of my neck and a need for a future PET scan.
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Belinda Smith

I had my first Melanoma in my late 20’s. I had been cleared by a Mole scan clinic but had a gut feeling one wasn’t right so went to my GP to have it removed. It came back level 1 in situ Melanoma. I remember fainting and thinking I was going to die like Mum. After that removal I had multiple excisions which were benign or dysplastic.
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Karen Dunks

The lesson I’ve learned from this diagnosis is to stand up for yourself, ask questions. And if you’re still not satisfied ask for an explanation, get a second opinion! Write everything down and keep copies of all your results.
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Kristen Pickford

I had my first surgery when I was 32 weeks pregnant. This was one of the hardest surgeries I went through because I was so worried about my unborn baby.
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Trish McDonald

Although upset and terrified of the sun I just got on with life, however the diagnosis was always in the back of my mind.
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Andy King

I accepted melanoma quickly and didn't allow it to dominate my life. This diagnosis has actually helped me live lighter and not take on stresses and anxieties as readily.
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Don Watson

A challenging issue for my family and friends is that although I'm on treatment I look fit and well. But they don't see me on my bad days.
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Tracey Beasley-Smith

I didn’t take it too serious when I was 19, no-one did - so I assumed it wasn’t too much to worry about. But I sure took notice when it landed on my brain!
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Annabelle Solomon

I have been living the life of a melanoma survivor since I was 25, when my first melanoma was removed.
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Susan Vine

My operation was on a Wednesday, I went in with two eyes and came out a few hours later minus a large tumour.
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Trish McKinnon

For me, I hardly remember what it’s like to live without cancer, and even the most recent diagnosis didn’t really knock me.
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